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Issues With Race is raw room at times.. we all get attacked no one is exempt ..the best suggestion is to pick your battles wisely least a chatter knows about you the better you will be, your personal life is that until you share  it.. so know that everyone is not your friend in this room folk has hidden agendas and thrive off of rumors, so know your circle...nobody has to validate themselves to anyone in this room.. As long as you know You control your chat life... Our Admins are here to help but can not manage  your private message box. if you're being harassed or stalked in the PM take that up with paltalk.. We hope you have a enjoyable chat time please visit our room Thank You, kindly and Welcome to Issues With Race
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 1. Malik
 2. Chawn Kweli
 3. Dr phil valentine
 4. krino
 5. Chief X
 6. min king samir shabazz!!!2
Issues With Race

A place where people can speak "freely" on various issues concerning humanity and race please visit our chat room and follow us by confirming your email and nic.. become a member once you click the word "follow" in the Chat Room

Chat Room

This Paltalk Chat Room is no place for the faint of heart it can get heated & intense at times come  teach, learn, vent,  play, entertain, cam up, build, war or work together with others

The room has hosted guest such as  Ashra Kwesi, K-Rino, Wesley Muhammad, Neely Fuller Jr, Malik Zulu Shabazz, King Samir Shabazz, Chawn Castro Kweli, Dr. Phil Valentine, Cheif X  and many more to come

over a ten thousand track  playlist ranging from  reggae, r&b, hip-hop, soul, oldies, spoken word, live and prerecorded issues with race interviews playing  twenty four hours a week
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Why Black Lives Matter does not matter.
The Black Lives Matter Movement is getting media attention, praise from politicians and corporate financial support because they are a modern day civil rights organization.
Published by Raseti - 22/2/2018
“My own personal theory is that Joseph built the pyramids to store grain,” – Ben Carson
Let’s put this nonsense to rest. Jews did not build the pyramids. Hebrews were not slaves in Egypt. There was no mass exodus from Egypt. This is Bible mythology and has no basis in fact.
Published by Raseti - 22/2/2018
Awkwardness because my hair is funny looking I try to press it, apply the hot comb to it, but it remains the same and I'm to blame.
Published by Mango Theola - 22/2/2018
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Issues With Race
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